Balcony Shoot #18 - Catherine Wheel Test #2

Date: 2003-10-21


As the last fuse-like wheel driver showed some promise, I decided to make one using only water moisted paper, no PVA, and with less over-wrapping.

The inner core was made in exactly the same way, with about 3/4 of a teaspoon of meal used in the entire length of tube, although the tube was a lot shorter this time.

The outer wrap was done with just moistened kitchen wrap, about 60 mm wide. The tube was then coiled and hot-melt glued onto the cardboard recovered from the previous test.

I used a hair dryer to dry the device quickly for a test the same night.


Worked well.

Burning meal isn't much of an 'effect', but the wheel sure spun, and spun fast. This method of construction is fast and easy, I'll definately try it again with a hot effects composition, maybe just meal with a few percent metal.


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