Balcony Shoot #18 - Catherine Wheel Test #1

Date: 2003-10-21


The day before just as I was going to bed I hit on the idea of making a wheel driver tube just like a twisted cracker fuse. Rather than ramming a thin tube, which is profoundly frustrating, you just lay down the paper, moisten it, lay down some meal then twist up.

I used much more powder than a typical cracker fuse, then over-wrapped the finished fuse with a PVA pasted wrap of kitchen paper.

The result was glued to to a piece of cardboard for an axle and allowed to dry.


Totally hopeless!

However it did appear to be along the right track, at least as far as making it much easier to construct. It took three tries to get it lit!

I believe that PVA contamination of the powder core was responsible for the really poor burn. Similar to the failures of the last two wheel devices constructed this way.


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