Balcony Shoot #16 - Catherine Wheel Test

Date: 2003-10-17


This is the larger fragment of the wheel driver tube that broke up during shaping. I think the tearing was mainly because of the recycled kraft used in the match pipe and the fairly flimsy nature of the match pipe to start with.

Instead of risking further breakup coiling it around a spindle I just tacked it to another scrap of cardboard box with hot-melt glue and some cotton string.


Didn't work so well either.

Interesting that part way through some kind of void inside the tube ignited and provided a brief spurt of thrust and effect.

Once again my audience was underwelmed and wanted me to go burn myself spinning it by hand. Bugger that!

Being the same composition and conditions as the previous test it probably had the same moisture problems. It sure looked like moisture problems. If it still doesn't work dry, I wonder if a series of core burning lumps wrapped up in pasted kraft (and bent at each space) would work. Could be interesting if lumps of different effect or colour were used, could make a pulsing effect.


title type size
Burn Video video/x-msvideo 6.571 Mbytes
Pre-Test Picture image/jpeg 82.802 kbytes
Post-Mortem Picture image/jpeg 48.683 kbytes