Balcony Shoot #15 - Iron & Aluminium Gerb

Date: 2003-10-16


Fairly basic end-burning gerb, 7.5 mm ID, 15 mm OD, 70 mm long. Rolled from heavy craft cardboard pasted with PVA glue. Bottom closure of paper wadding and hot-melt glue. Nozzle of compressed cat litter, 2.5 mm throat drilled out.

Composition was the same as the previous Fe/Al gerb, the Fe wheel driver with added Al flitters, but I think I may have goofed and added less flitters this time, either that or my original notes are wrong and I used more than 2 parts originally.

Fused with a meal-NC twisted paper fuse, a small quantity of meal was used to pass fire through the narrow nozzle. The nosing was kitchen wrap paper pasted with a little gum arabic to the case and fuse. A small length of bamboo stick was glued to the side to allow staking the device.


Nice effect.

Less fireflys that before, but this is probably a goof in my records of the original composition, I am pretty sure I measured this batch correctly. It looked a little sparse of shiny bits compared to last time. It was a little windy and the effect got blown around a lot, but it still gave a nice performance. My Mum really likes this effect. :-)

Longer burn and a small effect, as the overall device was longer but of smaller ID than the original. The case was extra thick and withstood the burn perfectly.

Seems pretty reliable, I think I can safely scale this one up and down. Could make a pretty saxon one day or a huge firefly gerb. I don't think it has the ompf for a tourbillion driver, maybe if I ball mill it before adding the metals?


title type size
Burn Video video/x-msvideo 4.054 Mbytes
Pre-Test Picture image/jpeg 27.890 kbytes
Post-Mortem Picture image/jpeg 29.149 kbytes