Park Shoot #1 - Small Experimental Greenmix Rocket #3

Date: 2003-07-25


Plaster of Paris nozzle, bulkhead was paper wadding. Casing was cardboard from a matchbox sleeve taped around drift. Same propellant and fuse as all 'Small Experimental Greenmix Rocket', KNO3 75 parts, C 15 parts, S 10 parts, each finely ground and then mixed well.

Stabilizer was kebab stick.


This rocket did not develop much thrust. The exact cause is a mystery, but a combustion leak definately occured during the motor burn.


title type size
Rocket CATO video/x-msvideo 4.001 Mbytes
Short video of CATO image/gif 239.632 kbytes
Post-Mortem Picture image/jpeg 20.225 kbytes