Balcony Shoot #10 - 3 Shot Micro Candle

Date: 2003-09-30


5 mm ID, 55 mm long, dry rolled from calculator tape paper and taped. Plugged with paper pulp + PVA paste. Nosed with grease proof.

Lift of < 150 mg of rough powder (made from corning dust wastes of my best BP + 5% dextrin) per shot. Lift incased star.

Fragmenting zinc micro stars. Pumped with insulin syringe, 3 mm OD, 7 mm long notched while still wet into three slices just held together on one edge. No prime.

Delay of half-hour meal + 5% Iron Oxide + 5% 50-80 mesh Aluminium flitters + 5% -100 mesh Iron powder. Fused with experimental fuse of delay + dextrin on 3-ply cotton yarn match.


Worked well for its *very* small size.

The lifts were pathetic, but that wasn't suprising. I only had a small quantity of pulverone dry, my latest corned batch was still drying out fully.

The frangable stars probably broke up on ramming the delay, they still functioned as three seperate stars per shot on leaving the candle. The ramming of the delay also likely crushed the rough powder and reduced its effectiveness.

The delay worked quite well, as did the fuse made from the delay powder and a little dextrin on my most recent match making yarn.

This device was made for proof of concept and delay composition testing only.


title type size
Burn Video video/x-msvideo 2.512 Mbytes
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