Balcony Shoot #8 - KN/Silver Gerb 2nd Attempt

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Date: 2003-09-21


Similar, but larger and better built than the last.

1/2" spiral tube, core from a calculator paper tape roll. Cat litter choke and end seal. 5 mm diameter nozzle. First increment rammed was straight meal, next a 50:50 mix of meal and KN/Silver, and finally KN/Silver the rest of the way.

Fused with a meal/NC twisted paper fuse, glued in place with meal/NC laquer paste.


Similar ignition problems, followed by a delayed explosion.

Basically identical to the last attempt, the prime and prime/comp mix layers burnt well then the device fell dark. About 8 seconds later, a truely loud boom (the concussion shook the windows) and bright flash that consumed about 90% of the KN/Silver charge in only a few frames of video.

Unlike the last attempt the remaining small quantity of KN/Silver composition did not continue to burn slowly after the explosion. The nozzle could not be recovered, it smashed into dust on impact.

I don't think I'll be using this mix neat anymore, I'll have to cut it with meal and use it as a bright firefly (which was proved to work OK).


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Burn Video video/x-msvideo 2.937 Mbytes
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