Park Shoot #1 - Small Experimental Greenmix Rocket #2

Date: 2003-07-25


Plaster of Paris nozzle, bulkhead was paper wadding. Casing was cardboard from a matchbox sleeve taped around drift. Same propellant and fuse as all 'Small Experimental Greenmix Rocket', KNO3 75 parts, C 15 parts, S 10 parts, each finely ground and then mixed well.

Stabilizer was kebab stick.


Perfect flight. The performance wasn't bad either considing the very poor quality propellant, good acceleration, straight flight, good apogee.


title type size
Rocket Launch video/x-msvideo 3.390 Mbytes
Short video of launch image/gif 84.458 kbytes
Post-Mortem Picture image/jpeg 21.275 kbytes