Balcony Shoot #6 - Small End-Burning Meal Rocket #2

Date: 2003-09-06


Identical to Small End-Burning Meal Rocket #1 except it had a slightly longer fuse. It used the other half of the casing and stick I split.


Also flew well.

Performed identically, weather-cocked a little worse, perhaps into a small gust. The rocket appeared to roll a few times in flight but it doesn't show up too well on the video. Perhaps the nozzle boring wasn't exactly centre and perpendicular, or maybe the stick/motor alignment was responsible, in either case it didn't seem to effect the flight much.

When I get some free time I'll build a few of these motors and static test them. I need an instrumentation amplifier for the loadcell before I can do real tests, but I have a cobbled together analog stand that would be suitable for these small devices.


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