Balcony Shoot #6 - Small End-Burning Meal Rocket #1

Date: 2003-09-06


Calculator paper tape case, many layers, pasted with PVA glue. 2 mm thick walls. 6 mm ID, 25 mm overall length. 3 mm diameter nozzle hole, minimal penetration into grain. Cat litter nozzle 8 mm thick, cat litter bulkhead, 6 mm thick.

Best meal blackpowder propellant. Meal-NC tissue paper fuse, with a little loose meal in nozzle and a small dab of meal-NC paste to hold fuse in place (this proved a problem with the previous end-burning motor - there is less cavity to insert the fuse into and hold it).

Half of a kebab stick stabilizer, I split one down the middle to give two sticks of half the mass but with the full length.


Flew well.

Another meal BP motor that didn't explode. Am I on to something here? Burn time was short with only half the propellant of the previous end-burner (most of which seemed to be be wasted on the last flight).

The lower mass of only half the casing, propellant and stick gave better performance. The launch angle was very shallow, only 30 degrees or less, but that is a function of the launch site. The rocket landed in the ocean after flying down-range about 300 metres.

The wind was fairly slight, but the rocket weather-cocked slightly into the breeze, as can be seen in the video.


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