Beach Shoot #3 - Cone Fountain

Date: 2003-09-03


I made this little thing to dispose of ~150 g of blackpowder I made with the CIA method as an experiment. The result wasn't very good, so instead of just tipping it down the drain I cut it with lampblack and packed it into a thin paper cone with some sparkler powder at the bottom for effect (four packets of sparklers in all).

Meal-NC tissue paper fuse.


Yes, this is fireworks and not rockets. I don't do it very often, but it was fun and harmless.

With a more solid cardboard cone it probably would have been a respectable show with a tall spray of sparks (like the ignition spurt). Instead it was just a profoundly bright flare with huge cloud of thick white smoke.

Excuse the profanity in the video (which is long, large, and not that impressive), it was very, very bright towards the end, too bright to look at and you could feel the radiant heat.

At burnout all that was left was a fused cake of iron and iron oxide glowing at orange heat. The paper and cardboard base was completely gone. The concrete under the slag cake was altered, it had gone all bony and broken/bubbled up into blisters.


title type size
Device Burn video/x-msvideo 14.943 Mbytes
Pre-Test Picture image/jpeg 26.266 kbytes
Post-Burn Concrete image/jpeg 148.986 kbytes