Beach Shoot #3 - Experimental 'Half-Hour' Meal Helicopter

Date: 2003-09-03


Similar in design to the sugar version, but about 10 mm shorter.

The fuse-hole end plug was not really well made, and powder could have been rammed better, my tooling was a bit too small for this case (10 mm ID fax paper roll). In fact I am almost ashamed to post this horrible piece up, but I do so for completeness.

I built this device last in the shoot batch as a way to use up the last of the 10 g of half-hour meal. I expected it to explode, but I hoped it might actually spin up before CATOing.


As expected, it exploded.

I dunno, it qualifies as a rocket motor, is this a CATO? Well I am gonna call it that for now. The device was not recovered I think it landed in the pool, but from the video frames one end (or perhaps both) blew out with a rather loud bang.

I'll make up some tooling before I try this kind of device again.


title type size
Device CATO video/x-msvideo 672.708 kbytes
Pre-Test Picture image/jpeg 32.427 kbytes