Park Shoot #1 - Small Experimental Greenmix Rocket #1

Date: 2003-07-25


Similar to the very first greenmix proof of concept rocket. Al foil nozzle, but bulkhead was just paper wadding. Same fuel but from new batch, using up the last of the old food-grade KN03 I purchased many years ago.

Fuse was twisted paper with greenmix trace.


The fuse was really horrible, burnt unreliabably and very slowly, but did eventually ignite the device.

The motor cato'ed, blowing out the nozzle and most of the grain with it. There was a significant amount of unburnt grain still in case.


title type size
Rocket CATO video/x-msvideo 4.821 Mbytes
Short video of the CATO image/gif 57.009 kbytes
Post-Mortem Picture image/jpeg 25.094 kbytes