Park Shoot #2 - Al Flashing Cased Sugar Hummer

Date: 2003-08-21


A ball of 'Rcandy' propellant inside a small envelope of crimped Al flashing foil.

Fused with a meal-IO fuse.

The metal (even if just thickish foil) case scares the hell out of me. Never again, even if it is easy to make and quite effective in resisting the combustion.


I was suprised this one didn't at least turn a few times. It was a much better shape for rotating, maybe it was binding on the uneven split-stone paving.

The case wasn't unwrapped for study. The spent case works as an effective rattle-back, so I am keeping it as is.


title type size
Device Burn video/x-msvideo 779.440 kbytes