Park Shoot #2 - Another Fountain

Date: 2003-08-21


This one is more like an actual fountain.

The same KN/Sucrose/Lampblack mixture that coated the paper in the first device was found to be a poor rocket propellant, so I rammed all I had left into another thin kraft paper tube.

The bottom of the tube was sealed with paper wadding and hot-melt glue. The top fused with a meal-IO fuse and some wadding added to protect the composition.


The video doesn't do it justice.

Even without a choke of any kind, and using a case that burnt away, like a lance, the effect was quite pleasing. The lampblack gave nice sparks and the hint of potassium purple to the otherwise orange-white flame was quite attractive.

There was nothing left to take home and study, even the wadding burnt away.


title type size
Device Burn video/x-msvideo 2.522 Mbytes