Misc Experiments - D1 Burn-Rate Test

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Date: 2006-04-16


The "standard" burn-rate test applied to a new batch of D1 glitter.


As expected; 2.1 mm/s.

D1 glitter is not ment to be burnt in this way, trapping the dross in a tube makes it do rather strange things. As can be seen in the otherwise kinda boring video, the dross builds up and slowly oxidises until it contains enough Sulfate to react violently with the Aluminium.

The last spurt, which occured about a second after primary combustion was complete, ejected the rather roasted tube from the testing stand leaving it burning from both ends. The high burning temperature is a result not only of the high Sulfur content, but the lack of ablative cooling typical in compositions where gasses and particles don't leave rapidly as the composition burns.


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