Park Shoot #2 - Fountain (of sorts)

Date: 2003-08-21


More like a mortar or candle. It was built from waste just for the hell of it.

Simply a thin kraft paper tube, sealed at the bottom with wadding and blu-tac. Some waste kitchen paper I had spread some KN/Sucrose/Lampblack propellant out on was rolled up and stuffed into the tube.

A piece of stickymatch was poked into the middle of the rolled up paper/propellant mixture, and a meal-IO twisted paper fuse was stuck into the end.

Finally some wadding was shoved in to close the end, and a little hot-melt glue tacked the wadding in place.


I wasn't sure what to expect, I figured the stickymatch would pop the top and the paper mixture would burn with some sparks.

The result was more like a mortar firing. The paper was ignited and launched out. Not all that spectacular or useful, but a fun use of waste materials.


title type size
Device Ignition video/x-msvideo 573.224 kbytes
Post-Mortem Picture image/jpeg 43.121 kbytes