Balcony Shoot #3 - Sugar Hummer Test

Date: 2003-08-15


Cereal box cardboard tube, 5 layers taped, no glue. 12 mm ID, paper wadding with hot-melt glue end plugs. 3 mm fuse hole.

One 10-12 mm ball of 'Rcandy' rocket propellant. Just placed in tube and packed against fuse with wadding.

Fused with meal-IO twisted paper fuse.


Short, but cute.

Nice humming sound for a few moments. Rather crazy dancing around, gave the wall a good hard wack. There was a large surface area of exposed grain, so it was quick to build up thrust, but also a short and violent burn.

The fuse did more damage to the Al foil I put on the plate than the exagust gasses did. Those meal-IO composition fuses are beasts, they have a huge cloud of plasma around them, lots of side spit. But they are very reliable and will burn through the narrowest of holes.

Significant hole enlargement was apparent in the post mortem. The burn, while short, destroyed the first layer of cardboard, the case barely withstood the combustion. The hole-end of the case was starting to burn through. The case was a quicky, a real kraft paper tube with rammed composition and a clay nozzle would perform much better.


title type size
Test Burn video/x-msvideo 924.940 kbytes
Pre-Burn Picture image/jpeg 32.500 kbytes
Post-Mortem Picture image/jpeg 45.856 kbytes