Night of Flying Spinners - 6.4 mm Whistle UFO

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Date: 2006-01-09


A device more closely resembling the consumer UFO.

Two Salicylate Whistle end-burning spin drivers and one double-surface burning 6:1:1 BP lift driver (utilizing good charcoal for a hot propellant).

All three were matched to ignite more or less at once using blackmatch and pasted kitchen paper piping. Wax treated cat litter end plugs in all three Pyrotube 1/4" ID x 2" tubes which were hot-melt glued and masking taped together. Meal/NC slurry priming on the BP lift driver.

The whistles mass 3.5 g each, and the lift driver 4.0 g. The completed device was just over 12 g.


Worked pretty damn well.

At least until it fell apart in mid-air! The heat must have melted the glue and the blackmatch must have burnt through the tape allowing one whistle to come loose towards the end of its burn. Unfortunately both pieces weren't recovered so no detailed study can be made.

Excellent stability, and a very nice effect. I just love the sound of the two whistles interacting and being doppler shifted as they rotate. I am extremely happy with its performance. Next time I will just ensure it is more solidly constructed.


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