Long Exposure Pictures - Senko Hanabi

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Date: 2004-11-27


Same composition as last week, using washed pine charcoal. The composition was twisted into 'fuses' about 40 mm long.

The pictures were taken with long exposures in complete darkness. The intial burning was allowed to subside and the polysulfide reaction begin before the camera shutter was open.


Beautiful pictures.

Stretching the noise characteristics of the CCD in my fairly old digital camera (a Kodak DC290), but none the less quite attractive and interesting shots.

Many of the brighter trails of sparks are seen changing direction as a result of smaller masses ejected at high speed. The fine streaks of the small explosive events during fall make a lace-like effect on some sparks. Many sparks are even seen to explode completely into numerous smaller sparks which fan out in every direction.


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