Tuning Tests - Salute Bottle Rockets

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Date: 2004-11-27


I made a batch of bottle rockets, based on the previous design utilising 6:1:1 blackpowder propellant but this time with commercial 5 mm ID tubes from Pyrotube for expediency.

The tubes were clay choked and charged half-full with the propellant composition. Then most of the remaining space was filled with loose Benzoate Whistle as a report charge. The top was sealed with a piece of wadding and a drop of hot-melt glue.

The cavity and nozzle was drilled out as before, then the rocket was glued to a stick and fused as usual.


Worked great.

The whistle makes an *excellent* report, as loud, if not louder than the bright-Al flash I've used in previous report bottle rockets.

The little rockets make it about 30 metres up before they pop with an attractive tail of charcoal sparks the whole way.

The break is almost completely dark, a small puff of orange sparks is all you see. Such a dark break is a little 'dry' effect wise, but a pinch of Titanium should fix that if you feel you need more than just the bang at apogee.


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