Quick Indoor Test - Senko Hanabi

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Date: 2004-11-20


10 grams of the composition was prepared using my small ball mill.

A small quantity was twisted up in a fold of kitchen wrap paper, rather like making chinese cracker fuse. To 'measure' and handle the powder I cut a soda straw at an angle to make a small scoup.


I've never really been interested in Senko Hanabi before, so I've largely ignored it except for noting the odd dross effects seen occasionally in other devices. I decided to finally give it a try for fun over the weekend, I was suprised by just how engrossing the exercise would become. There are so many different things you can try, you could spend years doing this!

I tried several charcoals and many composition variations and binders, the videos are from dry composition using commercial airfloat and the ratios listed above. The effect is somewhere in the middle of the range of effects I've managed to produce so far.

The video doesn't really capture the beauty of the effect, it has insufficient dynamic range to properly visualise the smaller sparks and the fine structure of the spur-fire like divisions. The videos are also long and large, so I've offered lower quality versions for faster downloads.


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