Quick Indoor Test - Bridgeless E-Match

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Date: 2004-10-31


Something I've been working on for a while is bridgeless e-matches. I think I've finally got a working composition of sufficient sensitivity, yet a good margin of safety.

I tried a Potassium Perchlorate based composition, but it was insufficiently sensitive to fire at all, it would bake-out the sulfur and crumble off the wires, but not ignite at 12 Volts.

The Potassium Nitrate based composition is the best trade-off between sensitivity and ignitability. It is very insensitive to shock and friction, which is a big safety feature compared to Barium Chlorate based commercial e-matches.


They work pretty well.

Very expedient to make, a T-rex wire stripper (Jaycar catalogue number TH1824) makes it quite trivial. After use, you can cut off the chared bit and re-do the end, and continue doing so until the wiring gets too short.

Most importantly, there is no bloody bridge wire to deal with!


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