Balcony Shoot #48 - 12.5 mm Fe Saxon

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Date: 2004-10-30


A simple 12.5 mm Saxon to get rid of some excess Fe Driver composition which was made with -100 mesh uncoated Iron. The case was a commercial Skylighter 4 oz rocket tube (12.5 mm ID, 125 mm long) charged about half-full.

The vent hole was 3 mm with blackmatch fusing held in place with meal slurry, not meal/NC for a change. My 12.5 mm 'short' timber drift (normally used for ramming hummers) was used as a counter balance to ensure easy spinning. The axle was a 3 mm hole drilled straight through the case.


Worked OK.

Not all that spectacular, but the audience liked it. The soft Charcoal/Iron effect mix was quite pleasing to the eye but fairly dim and uninteresting.

The -100 mesh Iron just doesn't make much effect at all, and it had partially reacted with the oxidiser (due to its lack of coating) creating a fairly modest thrust too.


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