Balcony Shoot #46 - Falls Lance Experiment

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Date: 2004-08-08


Quick test of an experimental falls composition based loosely on Shimizu Golden Wave #2.

Dampened with spray starch until it just stuck together when kneaded. The composition was then pressed into a 5 mm ID tube 40 mm long, dry rolled from 80 gsm photocopier paper.

The last 8 mm of the tube filled with some dry Al Silver Driver as a first fire of sufficient burn temperature to ignite the golden wave.

Finally a smear of blackpowder meal and spray starch paste was placed over the end of the first fire composition to make the device even easier to light from sticky match.


Don't think it was fully dry.

The Meal priming burnt off fairly slowly but did not ignite the Silver Driver composition which is normally very easy to ignite. It lit with a bit of encouragement from the torch, burning somewhat slowly with a purple flame and some bright gold Aluminium sparks.

The Silver Driver comp didn't ignite the Falls Composition either! Again some encouragement with the torch ignited it eventually. It burnt with a very bright white fire, with silver and gold Aluminium sparks that fell to the ground and scattered. It was consumed somewhat faster than I expected.

Looks like the lance needs a day or two more of drying. I made several units so I'll try it again in a few days.


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