Balcony Shoot #45 - Yet Another Whistle Test

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Date: 2004-07-11


A quick test of a new batch of Salicylate Whistle. Utilising a 5 mm ID, 50 mm long tube hand-rolled from 95 gsm virgin kraft.

A small quantity of clay was rammed into the bottom as an end-plug, then two small increments of whistle were pressed in by hand.

Finally a short length of blackmatch was folded over for a length of 10 mm and pushed into the tube until it touched the whistle.


Worked great.

A brief, but a much louder sound than with Benzoate Whistle. Lots of sparks by comparison though...

Should make excellent insert whistles, more noise for the same size and a bit more 'effect' if you can call it that. Should be interesting as a rocket propellant especially for bottle rocket scale devices.


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