Beach Shoot #23 - 19mm Stinger

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Date: 2004-06-06


I made up three 19mm stingers to test some new thinner walled tubes sent to me by a pyro in the UK.

As a quick and dirty test I didn't bother using high-quality propellant, some low-test meal made using commercial airfloat was used.

My standard stinger tooling was used but I drilled the spin vent free-hand for a change (too lazy to reconfigure the jig for the thinner wall tubing). I placed the spin vent at the center of mass again, this has shown itself a valuable improvement in the past.

It was fused with blackmatch and meal/NC lacquer priming.


Pretty Shocking.

It flew, but only just. The propellant was rather slow, the motor didn't get enough RPMs up before lifting off, so the flight path was erratic.

Fortunately it was so underpowdered it barely reached 30 metres up and about 50 metres down range. The device was not recovered despite a lengthy search, a spin vent errosion study would still have been valuable.

This poor performance is no fault of the new tubes, it is the result of my experimentation with a different charcoal feedstock.


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