Remote Test Site Shoot #2 - 22 mm Ball Shell

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Date: 2004-03-19


First try at using a 7/8" plastic ball shell set.

I don't have any visco so I drilled out the hole and made a tiny spoulette charged with whistle and hot-melt glued it in place. A few pieces of blackmatch stuffed in the end were the 'crossmatching'.

About 10 chips of an experimental KP Red metallic fuel star were placed inside with around 1/8 of a teaspoon of benzolift as break.

The shell was sealed with xylene to melt the styrene material together and labelled. The lift was an unmeasured of 2FA BP in a 1" mortar.


Kinda worked.

The spoulette ignited nicely and was very visible in flight. The lift was a little light so it started to come back down before it broke. The break was OK for this size shell I thought?

I think the prime burnt off the stars but they didn't ignite? If that was a red I am very dissappointed!

My friend gave me a few short pieces of visco from which I have made up some more little shells using various different stars (larger, about 4 mm pumped - 5-6 per shell). That KP Purple which is very bright and slow would be ideal as micro stars if I can get a priming system which functions inside these little shells.

These babies would work well as 1" candle inserts and perhaps in mines as well.


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