Remote Test Site Shoot #2 - Flying Hummers

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Date: 2004-03-19


A pair of my now infamous flying hummers.

I drilled the vent before ramming the propellant in these two as an experiment. It seemed to work just fine and offers that little bit more safety. I used priming and thin blackmatch as usual.


Worked well.

Slightly lower performance than usual, but the meal I used was not especially high-performance. It really needs to be re-milled, I suspect it is a little moist too.

I'd like to add some garnature to these things, perhaps a small flash report attached to the top and fused through a small hole in the top plug?

I read an article in an old AFN about using whistle in a similar device. That seems like asking for a ground salute, but my current whistle is very mild, so it might just work with a fairly large vent hole. I guess I'll give one a go.


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