Remote Test Site Shoot #2 - More D1 Glitter Tests

Date: 2004-03-19


My friend brought his newly primed D1 glitter along again for another test. I took some of mine along too (8 mm pumped, dusty meal primed) for comparison.

I was hoping to test some Zn pearl streamers and go-getters, but we ran out of time after having issues with the crossettes.


I think my friend's glitter stars are having moisture problems. He had dried them solidly but the night air was very moist (dew on the ground and equipment). The open container of stars probably soaked up moisture post-drying making the stars feel 'wrong' even before shooting them.

The sodium bicarbonate in the glitter makes them somewhat hygroscopic, but in the past it has never proven a problem, at least in my experiments.

My D1 stars were kept in a zip-lock bag after drying and seemed to work just fine. They've also been used in the past in shells and mines which are more likely to show hygroscopic problems.

This time we got the odd delayed flare-up effect on video. Test #3 shows it best. The star lands on the ground and sits there as a bubbling ball of slag for a moment, then flares up violently. I imagine this is exactly the same effect as the glitter flashes just on a larger scale.

For comparison we also shot a Chrysanthemum #6 star.


title type size
Friends Test #1 video/x-msvideo 660.308 kbytes
Friend's Test #2 video/x-msvideo 565.986 kbytes
Friend's Test #3 video/x-msvideo 1.331 Mbytes
Friend's Test #4 video/x-msvideo 1.472 Mbytes
Friend's Test #5 video/x-msvideo 579.640 kbytes
My Test #1 video/x-msvideo 556.112 kbytes
My Test #2 video/x-msvideo 617.546 kbytes
Chrysanthemum #6 Test video/x-msvideo 1.026 Mbytes