Beach Shoot #1 - Yawn Style Micro-Rocket #1

Date: 2003-08-10


Micro rocket based on James Yawn's Al foil cased 'Rcandy' devices.

A small piece of candy propellant was placed against a meal-paper twisted fuse, and wrapped in many layers of Al foil. The bulkhead end was crimped flat with plyers and folded over. The nozzle end was shaped around the fuse, flattered on both sides and folded once inwards (towards the fuse 'tunnel').

The resulting motor was taped to a bamboo kebab stick for stabilisation.

The candy propellant in this device was of fructose base:

60% Potassium Nitrate

39% Fructose

1% Iron Oxide (red)

The entire device weighed 2.67 g once complete.


Some thrust then containment failure.

The rocket made perhaps 1 metre of altitude before the nozzle region and side of the case melted through. The grain was ejected and burnt on the ground for a few seconds. The case landed about 3 metres away from the launch pad.


title type size
Pre-Lanuch Picture image/jpeg 32.818 kbytes
Post-Mortem Picture image/jpeg 8.976 kbytes