Remote Test Site Shoot #1 - Helicopters

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Date: 2004-02-20


One micro-scale helicopter was made using a bottle-rocket tubing and the same 6:1:1 blackpower propellant, techniques and tooling, with the exception that a vent was drilled through the side of the case and a smaller piece of stick was glued to the top as a wing, in your conventional helicopter (single action tourbillion) design.

Not having a lot of hope for such a slow propellant in a small device I made a 9.5 mm ID version using a small quantity of very fast meal. It was made in an identical manner as my previous high-performance 9.5 mm ID helicopter devices.


The micro-scale device barely got off the ground. The nozzle errosion was too much for it to handle. The case was simply not up to the challenge, the propellant was a bit cool too.

The 9.5 mm ID unit soared up into the air in a very rapid and impressive manner. Its burning profile suggesting I botched the ramming near the hot-end somewhat, but it didn't breach or anything, just coughed and kept accelerating.

I love these things, the absoutely rip. Not too loud, easy to make and very addictive. I need to develop a good garnishment, I think a flash report is the most logical, but if I only had magnalium I could do some crackle.


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