Remote Test Site Shoot #1 - Nozzleless Bottle Rocket

Date: 2004-02-20


Again, as discussed on UK Rocketry and Pyro Forums in my expedient bottle rocket thread, this is actually a retest of a previously undocumented nozzleless BP bottle rocket.

I rolled a 25 mm long tube from A4 80 gsm paper and pressed some dampened 6:1:1 blackpowder +5% dextrin into it, then forced a metal BBQ skewer into the base to form a core. The top was sealed with a drop of hot-melt glue and the device allowed to dry for some time.

On a previous test 2 days after assembly it barely made 5 metres altitude, so I had left them until now in the hope it was only wet propellant problems.


It worked *great*!

Performance near to my new clay nozzle bottle rockets, but of course this device was quite a bit lighter, with a shortened and split stick to keep the mass down, and a half-size tube.

I expected a complete fizzer and got good performance. I doubt this design has much future, but it does work quite well once dry.


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