Remote Test Site Shoot #1 - 19 mm Titanium Stingers

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Date: 2004-02-20


The cupboard was pretty bare here, but I had a fair quantity of Meal with 10% Titanium added. So, it seemed logical enough, make some 1 lb stingers.

They weren't dressed up in any way, just the motors for the tail effect, no salutes or stars. Fused with thin blackmatch and meal-NC paste priming.

The second motor was a little different. I've discussed drilling the spin vent up higher on stingers (near the center of mass) a few times on rec.pyrotechnics. This device had the spin vent in the middle of the case, just to prove it works fine to those that doubt my findings.


Worked great!

I shot them straight off a large bamboo kebab stick shoved in the ground. Because of the site I was able to shoot them straight up, and the apogee, especially for the second one was quite impressive for a meal/Ti propellant stinger.


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