Remote Test Site Shoot #1 - My Friend's 50 mm and 75 mm Mines

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Date: 2004-02-20


My friend came prepared with a still-drying 2" D1 Glitter mine, and a 3" 'Chrysanthemum #4' (his special Chrysanthemum #6 varient) mine with a suprise charge of commercial crackers.


Worked great!

A fair bit of fall-out with the glitter mine, it didn't lift quite as high as it was ment to, likely because the can wasn't completely dry, and it used very large stars, which again may not have been really ready to shoot.

The charcoal tail mine was great though, again a little under-lifted, it seemed to me to be less impressive, especially with its 'thump' compared to the 2" mine, but the cracker garnishment was nice.


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50 mm Glitter Mine Video video/x-msvideo 1.433 Mbytes
75 mm Charcoal Mine Video video/x-msvideo 729.102 kbytes