Remote Test Site Shoot #1 - My Friend's D1 Glitter Tests

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Date: 2004-02-20


I shared the composition for D1 Glitter with a friend recently, so he invited me to come see him test his stars and mines. I couldn't resist this offer, so I hastly made some stuff to shoot as well and took the ever suffering girlfriend as a camera operator and the rest of the family to make an 'event' out of it.

I didn't keep track of the sizes and lift charges, and I've also removed all the blown blind videos, so this page is more just eye candy than real testing results. I don't nomally write up other people's work here either, but as this was a kind of group collaboration I made an exception.


The stars were unprimed, so they were a little touchy to get lit with strong lift charges, and didn't engulf properly, causing burn times to be all over the place.

I also suspect that the larger ones were not completely dry. The smaller ones produced beautiful effects that had us completely in awe. I *love* D1 glitter, it is so cheap and easy, yet so effective.

He will prime the next batch and dry them longer, so we can get zero fall-out performance for display use.


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