Balcony Shoot #2 - Sugar & Lampblack Rocket

Date: 2003-08-11


Kraft paper case, ~15 layers taped, no glue. 8 mm ID, 50 mm length. 2.5 mm diameter cavity, 30 mm into grain. 8 mm thick plaster of paris nozzle with divergence cone. Bulkhead of paper wadding and hot-melt glue.

Experimental sugar based propellant, with added lampblack to serve as a opacifier, catalyst, and mix indicator. Also to add a few sparks to the tail for tracing flight:

60% Potassium Nitrate

28% Sucrose

2% Lampblack

Motor was rammed over mandrel with bored drift.

Fused with loose greenmix prime and a meal-IO fuse taped across nozzle mouth.

Bamboo stick stabiliser as per usual 'airframe' design.


Good flight.

The rocket appeared to work perfectly. It climed out of sight, but was seen coming back down with a few sparks a short while later. The tail was not very visible, despite the lampblack.

The rocket was not recovered.


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