Balcony Shoot #34 - Aluminium Gerb

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Date: 2003-12-09


An experimental meal-Al gerb.

Standard 9.5 mm ID case, 50 mm in length. Bottom plug of wadding and hot-melt, nozzle of wax treated cat litter, drilled out with 2.5 mm drill.


65 Meal

30 Aluminium (-325 mesh, spherical)

5 Dextrin

Fused with blackmatch and meal-NC paste priming/glue.

A small stake was provided as usual, hot-melt glued to the case.


Interesting effect, but failed.

The Aluminium effect was very, very bright and attractive. However it appears the high Aluminium content slagged the nozzle or otherwise produced a whole bunch of dross that eventually lead to a nozzle blow out.

I made this device in the early hours of one morning, so instead of ramming it I pressed it firmly by hand to limit the noise produced. This no doubt contributed to its unstable burning profile and failure.


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