Beach Shoot #14 - RP Helicopter

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Date: 2003-11-29


Identical to the previous titanium and meal 50 mm long, 9.5 mm ID devices, except the propellant was my RP composition.


Worked well.

Almost as well as meal in fact, but with some Aluminium effect and somewhat less performance. It landed in the pool, so it could not be recovered unfortunately.

At this point in the shoot we got a visitor. A girl arrived to observe. I am kind of sorry I didn't introduce myself properly, I just said "hello", she replied "hello", we exchanged some awkward words about the video and how many devices were left to try. She said she "just came for the fireworks".

I honestly only had two things left, but I didn't want to set them off with her around. I think she got the hint and left shortly after saying she "didn't want to cramp out style". That was nice of her I thought. I didn't want to be rude, my camera person and myself are OK with the risks, but I really don't like the idea of a 3rd person being too close in case something goes wrong.

I am rather sorry I didn't tell her the URL where she could see the videos of the shoot. I doubt she'll find the site, Google searches for "Queenscliff" and "Fireworks" don't find this site, probably because it is dynamic and is not indexed. It was the first time anyone has come down and had a chat, so I was a little freaked. Perhaps I'll meet her again, I'd like to apoligise in person. I believe she was observing from the balcony of a block of units nearby. We heard some voices and giggles coming from there before the start of the shoot.

Anyway, after she left we tried the fire-proofed Titanium helicopter device but its fuse failed. All that was left was an experimental flying-hummer.


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