Beach Shoot #12 - 19 mm Stingers

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Date: 2003-11-21


Standard 19 mm stinger tube and tooling.

Both using pure meal as the propellant, one tube cut 2.5" long, the other 3" as a longer duration burn test. Fused and primed in the usual manner.

Launched from a large bamboo skewer pushed into the sand.


Both flew well.

The longer stinger was slightly unstable on launch, tipping over and flying at a shallow angle. It was *very* fast though, flying hundreds and hundreds of metres down range, landing well out into the surf. It hummed quite loud, with a huge doppler shift from the massive acceleration.

The shorter device flew in pretty much the direction I aimed it, as all previous ones have. It also took off like a lightening bolt, reaching at least 75 metres before burn-out. It hummed very loud as well, a well-delayed echo very audible, probably from a large building about 300 metres away.


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