Beach Shoot #12 - Blue Lance and Go-Getter Test

Date: 2003-11-21


I *finally* scored some KClO4 (Potassium Perchlorate - KP if you prefer slang). So I've been spending the past few days of really strong winds and heavy fog working on colour comps.

I had a KP Organic Blue lance made up and an experimental blue go-getter, so I figured I'd take them with me on the shoot instead of just lighting them on the balcony.

Additionally I have a rather washed out video of a range of KP Organic compositions, arranged as a rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple. I do not have any suitable barium salt to make green yet.


The blue lance burnt well enough, nice and long, with a well saturated blue, the lance tube could have burnt down with it better. The surrounding (sodium) light was very bright so the video is basically useless (and also a huge download and boring as all hell).

The blue go-getter failed to ignite properly. It was unprimed, with just a stick of blackmatch going down the middle. The composition may not have been 100% dry of solvent or it may have just had priming problems. More experimentation required (and a local source of some Ammonium Perchlorate would help!)

The rainbow video needs better setup to get a pleasing effect, a green would also be required before I am satisified I have a well matched complete set of organic KP colours.


title type size
Blue Lance Video video/x-msvideo 15.293 Mbytes
Blue Go-Getter Video video/x-msvideo 1.898 Mbytes
KP Organic Colours Rainbow video/x-msvideo 1.084 Mbytes