Balcony Shoot #4 - Bottle Rocket #2

Date: 2003-08-23


Very similar design to Bottle Rocket #1 except the cavity was drilled 10 mm deeper into the grain in an attempt to improve the performance.


Good performance!

The rocket accelerated rapidly out of the glass, but smacked into the eves of the balcony with a rather loud thud. I am suprised the impact didn't cause internal fractures and result in a containment failure.

The rocket continued after the collision parallel to the ground for about 5 metres then lost thrust and gently fell in end-burning mode leaving a nicely visible trail all the way into the bushes near the waterfront.

This rocket has not been recovered, but it should be recoverable if a search effort is made.


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Rocket Launch video/x-msvideo 2.332 Mbytes