Balcony Shoot #28 - D1 Glitter Gerb

Date: 2003-11-10


9.5 mm ID, 50 mm long tube, wax treated cat litter plug and choke (3.2 mm nozzle). End-burning configuration of D1 Glitter composition. Fused with some Zn effects blackmatch and meal-NC paste.

A short length of bamboo skewer was taped to the side to facilitate staking the case into ground, my standard practice for gerbs and candles.


Nice effect, bad nozzle slagging.

The dross from the glitter composition rapidly blocked the nozzle. Several cycles of pressure build up and nozzle ablating blow-outs followed, then the nozzle blocked completely and blew out.

Fortunately the nozzle was so badly damaged the eventual complete failure wasn't very violent at all. As can be seen in the post mortem pictures there was a large quantity of dross left in the case, as is fairly typical of the D1 Glitter composition.


title type size
Test Video video/x-msvideo 4.533 Mbytes
Pre-Test Picture image/jpeg 43.260 kbytes
Post-Mortem Picture #1 image/jpeg 33.290 kbytes
Post-Mortem Picture #2 image/jpeg 40.806 kbytes