Beach Shoot #10 - Aluminium Hummer

Date: 2003-11-07


Very similar to the previous Titanium hummer, just using 10% Aluminium flakes instead.


Worked OK.

Aluminium really needs a higher temp to ignite and burn with white sparks. At meal temperatures is gives goldern sparks with the occassional white ones from air-burning fragments.

This one maxed out at only 320 Hz, or about 19 kRPM. The hole wasn't drilled in an optimal position, which may have been the reason for its poor rotational performance.


title type size
Test Video video/x-msvideo 417.190 kbytes
Pre-Test Picture image/jpeg 58.569 kbytes
Post-Mortem Picture image/jpeg 41.644 kbytes
Spectrogram image/gif 113.126 kbytes