Beach Shoot #9 - 19 mm Stinger

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Date: 2003-11-04


Made with the stinger tooling kit from skylighter. 19 mm ID, 64 mm long, propellant of RP, wax treated cat litter nozzle and bulkhead.

The spin vent was fire-proofed with sodium silicate solution.

Fused with a piece of Zinc effects blackmatch, glued in place with meal-NC paste. The fused tied with cotton string along the side of the tube for neatness.

Launch pin was a large bamboo kebab stick pushed into the sand at a slight angle to direct the stinger down the beach and out to sea slightly.


Nice Flight.

A very throaty wooosh, a mixture of the spin humming and the doppler shift of the main nozzle output. Some Aluminium effect, some charcoal. Looked great.

It climbed to a respectable height for a stinger style device. We heard it hitting the ground what seemed like a very long time later, but it could not be found in the dark.


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