Glitter - Winokur 39


Name: Winokur 39
Source: Robert Winokur


percent component
51.00% Potassium Nitrate
19.00% Charcoal (airfloat)
12.00% Antimony Trisulfide
8.00% Aluminium (atomised, 20u)
5.00% Barium Carbonate
5.00% Dextrin

Required Mass


Screen together well, dampen with 5-8% water and pump.


A nice dense white glitter with good delay.

Somewhat expensive due to moderate Antimony Trisulfide content. There are cheaper white glitters using Barium Nitrate and no Antimony Trisulfide at all (e.g Winokur 36).

"Winokur 39J" is a slight modification of Winokur 39 suggested apparently by Tom Rebenclau. It adds an extra part Aluminium and 2.5 parts Magnalium and reduces the (IMO originally excessive) Dextrin slightly to 4 parts. It is also suggested that 2% barium carbonate be added to the prime, and that around 6% water be used for pumping.

My instinct suggests the Charcoal content is rather excessive, it may be possible to reduce the requirement for Antimony Trisulfide by reducing it, and perhaps substituting elemental sulfur for both to maintain the same oxygen balance. Delay may be negatively affected however, and extra Barium Carbonate could be used to attempt to compensate.