Experimental - Perchlorate Sparks


Name: Perchlorate Sparks
Source: Christoph Bosshard (Lancaster, 3rd Edition, Page 152)


percent component
40.00% Iron (III) Oxide
30.00% Potassium Perchlorate
20.00% Red Gum
10.00% Aluminium (atomised)

Required Mass


Screen together all components.


There is no usage information provided in Lancaster.

Burns rather like a conventional "gold" sparkler, clearly a "thermitic" post-reaction. Golden dividing sparks resembling those of medium carbon steel are observed. The effect is extremely attractive and shows much promise as no special steel alloy or coating is required.

In a lance it tends to chimney and reduce sparking. In a twist of paper it is rather unimpressive.

Perhaps it would serve well as a sparkler slurry? The effect appears to be relatively close proximity, I doubt it would make very interesting stars.