Colour - Red Organic (Lancaster Chlorate #3)


Name: Red Organic (Lancaster Chlorate #3)
Source: Lancaster


percent component
64.00% Potassium Chlorate
19.00% Strontium Carbonate
13.00% Red Gum
4.00% Dextrin

Required Mass


Screen together the finely milled ingredients well.

Bind with water and press into pillboxes with a stick of blackmatch running through them.

Pumps and cuts well too, but is designed for pillboxes and will require priming otherwise.


This is a chlorate based composition, so it is sensitive to sulfur containing compositions, like BP. It is relatively insensitive to friction and shock however. Treat with as much respect as you would any chlorate based composition.

It is fairly slow burning for a chlorate comp, and sometimes a little hard to ignite, it is well suited to pillbox stars. A few parts airfloat charcoal can assist ignition, which brings it closer to the faster burning Lancaster Chlorate Red #1 which is more suitable for unprimed cut or pumped star use.

You can always prime it with H3 or sulfurless BP or KP. Traditional pillboxes use BP based blackmatch, which is not considered particularly dangerous. Many people just prime them with BP.