Comments for "A Bigger Marx Generator"

5th November 2011 10:48

FCR wrote...

Your work is very impresive, have you seen there are pretty nice stuff

16th August 2010 16:39

Alan Yates wrote...


Thanks mate, I appreciate that.

Nice Marx generator! I haven't played with mine for quite a while now, never scaled it up to that level. Looks great.



12th July 2010 04:42

radhoo wrote ...

Hi Alan, you have a very nice website, a good source of inspiration.

For this topic, here is my twin Marx Generator.

3rd January 2008 20:31

Peter Kutas wrote ...

Hi Alan;

I love your work...

All the things that you write up on your web site is what I'm into as well. The high voltage experiments are very interesting. I dabble with high voltages myself, lots of interesting fun...

Cheers, Peter Kutas. VK2UPK

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