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28th October 2012 10:12

Alan Yates wrote...


Glad it worked for you mate.


13th October 2012 14:56

Bill Bergemann wrote ...

Great article on the UHF array. I have had nothing but frustration trying to get a TV signal. I live 50 miles from the nearest broadcast station.

Not having any pcb's, I used some brass strap epoxied to both sides of a wooden paint stirring stick and 12 ga. household wire. Worked great!

Made a second one for the main TV using the same strap on 1/2 in. plywood and mounted it inside the attic. This replaces a huge antenna on a tripod on the roof that NEVER worked as well.

Thank you for the help. I can now watch football (American) in hi-def.

3rd March 2012 17:34

nawapon wrote ...

"UHF Log-Periodic Array"The elements themselves are 1.5mm diameter solid copper wire,I think it is 3 mm diameter solid copper wire yes or no

9th March 2010 22:10

Alan Yates wrote...


Haha, thanks.

Quite a fan of your site too BTW, in particular you assorted inductance measuring devices. I've been meaning to combine an MCU driving an LCD with the carver LC test circuit to build a direct-reading LC meter.



7th March 2010 23:41

Dick Cappels wrote...

"The higher melting point of this alloy compared to normal Tin/Lead solder made holding the shorter elements while soldering them to the boom quite a painful experience."

I love your understated sense of humor!

Nice clear description of you antenna, too.

10th July 2009 22:21

Koos van den Hout wrote...

Linked a lot as a good design for a self-built dvb-t UHF antenna I tried your design too for my experiments (mainly trying to find out how many dvb-t multiplexes I can find and how tropospheric tunneling can help for foreign signals). It works great. Details and reports about my dvb experiments

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